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Conditions of Grant

Conditions Of Grant


  1. The said grave space shall not exceed an area of nine feet by four feet six inches and shall not extend to the burial of more than two coffins, and in the case of burial or cremation ashes the said grave space shall not exceed an area of three feet by three feet and shall not extend to the burial of more than two caskets.
  2. The said grave space shall not be enclosed nor shall any part of it be raised above the level of the surrounding ground.
  3. At the first interment the coffin shall not be buried at a depth greater than seven feet six inches, and at the second interment not less than a depth of three feet below the surface.
  4. No perpendicular headstone, monument, urn, or other erection of any kind and no vase, jar or other like receptacle shall be permitted on the said grave space, but the Grantee may lay memorial plaques of bronze or other metal plaques horizontally over the grave space to a depth of at least one inch, such memorial of bronze or other metal to be supplied by the Company and paid for by the grantee. No plaque once laid shall be removed by the Grantee without prior consultation and approval.
  5. No artificial wreath or vase shall be allowed on and no kerb shall be fixed around the said grave space.
  6. No plant, bush, tree or anything of a similar nature shall be planted on the said grave space.
  7. All flowers which are placed on the said grave space after an interment or anniversary may be removed after seven days by the employees of the Company and disposed of.
  8. No wreath shall be permitted on the said grave space except on the anniversary of the death of the person or persons interred therein, at Eastertide and at Christmastide.
  9. No animal shall be permitted to enter the Memorial Park except dogs (which must be accompanied by an adult and kept on a leash).
  10. No litter shall be deposited or left in any part of the Memorial Park nor any glass jars or other receptacles, watering cans or vases.
  11. All existing granite memorial slabs or bronze or other metal plaques and the inscriptions thereon must be maintained and renewed by the Grantee.
  12. Interments are not normally conducted on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays except by special arrangement.
  13. All Assignments of the Right of Burial whether by Deed or other devolution shall be registered with the Company and the Grantee shall pay to the Company the current fee in respect of each and every such registration.
  14. Further Regulations made from time to time with regard to interments in and the management and control of the Memorial Park by the Company or other competent authority (or if the provisions of a statute or any order or regulation made thereunder shall make any of the conditions contained herein unlawful) the Company shall be entitled to vary the conditions contained herein so as to comply with such regulation statute and order and the same will be posted on the outside of the office of the Company at “Stag Lodge”, Haye Road, Plympton, and the Grantee shall be deemed to have had full notice of such further Regulations as and from the date they are first posted as aforesaid.