Please adhere to park policy of NOT placing graveside memorabilia on the graves. The ground staff have been instructed to remove anything from the graves in keeping with park policy which all grave owners have signed to agree to. Detail of which can be found on the grave holders deed of grant. Drake Memorial Park Ltd accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any items left on the graves. 

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The Drake Memorial Park is a cemetery unlike any other.
It is a beautiful, natural park comprising open grassland areas separated by trees, shrubs and access roadways.


The graves are located within the Park's lawned areas, and are permanently identified with simple plaques which lie flat in the ground. There are no headstones or monuments, crowded together, as you find in many other cemeteries.

The open aspect of the Park provides an appropriate resting place of calm, quiet dignity for those who in their lifetime found pleasure in the beauty of the countryside, and contentment in the peace and seclusion of a rural setting. It is a fitting memorial to the departed, and a place of solace for the bereaved.

An invitation

You are most welcome to visit the Drake Memorial Park. If you can come during weekday office hours, our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

The Park is situated some 4 miles from the centre of Plymouth. Click here for the full address and directions.


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